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In a nutshell...

What's the Purpose?

Hosting a Red Carpet event, a Prom, Business Conference,  Softball or Soccer tournament, benefit, or other special event?  Capturing the feelings visually is the photographers' job.  To immediately deliver high quality prints takes special photographers that understand the importance of your time and desires.  We are those photographers!

Why Print Photographs?

We are surrounded both by natural beauty and interesting people.  They provide us with stories for a lifetime.  

We use our experience and cameras to document, and then using photo-lab equipment on-site, print images with a focus on the magic of your special event. Our photos tell those stories. 

Instead of your event being lost in a camera roll on a cell phone, your guests will show the print and tell their friends about the wonderful experience at your event!  

What do we do?

With over 50 years of award winning photography experience, we ...

  • Bring professional equipment to your location. 
  • Provide your guests with a studio mini-session experience. 
  • We then add the cherry to the top of the cake by immediately printing the photos with our mini-lab printers, and present it to your guest in a protective package, giving your guests lifetime memories instantly.
  • As an added bonus, shareable digital files are uploaded in real time to a special gallery provided for your event, and the guest receives the link directly to their photo.

Keep Up to Date!


Who are we and where did we come from?

PDQ.Photography was started in 2020 to meet the needs of the event organizers in Brevard County.  Not new to photography, but another direction with our work. 

From Camera to Wall was opened in 2014 in Palm Bay.  To learn more about us, come over and visit 

"The Mother Ship"....